'Digital Gorkha' Allows For Easy Visitor Registration and Authentication

 - Jun 14, 2016
References: digitalgorkha & iamwire
Digital Gorkha is an innovative new smartphone app, developed by a group of Indian entrepreneurs, that is designed to facilitate streamlined and organized visitor management in a wide variety of settings ranging from apartment buildings and offices to gated communities and campuses.

These sorts of places often employ a security guard or some sort of buzzer system to keep track of and manage visitors, but both these approaches present major flaws. This is where Digital Gorkha comes in. The app is named after the Nepali Gorkha community, many members of whom are employed as security guards in India.

The app essentially offers a mobile interface that allows for visitor registration, authentication and authorization. It is currently in service in a variety of Indian cities as well as Mexico City and Nairobi. Its growing popularity is down to the fact that visitor management is a universal need, and one that is deemed important due to security concerns.

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