'Flashcall' Uses Big Data from Missed Calls to Help Brands

Missed call marketing is a new marketing system gaining traction in developing areas like the Philippines, Indonesia, and especially India. Poverty is common in these nations, yet more than 1 billion phone plans exist in India alone. Indian consumers afford mobile plans by making heavy use of "missed calls." Since it's free to receive calls but not to make them, consumers dial a number and hang up before the call is connected, intentionally placing missed calls that notify the receiver (e.g. an employer who can afford it) to call them.

Companies like 'Flashcall' are capitalizing on this consumer behaviour, introducing missed call marketing campaigns in which consumers place a call to a "missed call line" and the brand calls back to provide information, an advertisment, or anything else that activates the brand. Flashcall can then record the data on who is placing calls and from where, not only allowing businesses to increase brand awareness, but simultaneously providing them with data on who responds to their messages and how they respond.