From VR Mall Lounges to Branded Croquet Events

 - Sep 4, 2016
As these September 2016 interactive campaigns reveal, brands are becoming increasingly more creative with how consumers are targeted. While pop-up shops are in no short supply, others are opting to immerse people in experiences by implementing VR technology.

Meanwhile, other brands are choosing to make use of social media contests and participation as a means of bringing more excitement to a product or service, with this working to generate more online traffic and therefore reach more eyes. Other examples of interesting September 2016 interactive campaigns include crowd-sourced cocktail concoctions, sensory workout hubs and back-to-school dorm collections that were designed by students.

Although diverse, each of the ideas contained in this cluster considers how brands are working to appeal to specific consumer demographics by implementing the ideas of the very people that they wish to cater to -- making for especially memorable results.