Smirnoff Mixed Up Creative Cocktails Based on People's Selfies

Smirnoff New Zealand got a mixologist to pour some creative cocktails all based on selfies for its 'Pure Potential' campaign. The premium vodka brand invited New Zealanders far and wide to submit selfies of themselves for a chance to win a trip to the winter Mardi Gras in Ohakune -- over 600 selfies were uploaded. Smirnoff livestreamed the final event where the mixologist used the photos of the six finalist as an inspiration for his creative cocktails and had a host taste each one of them -- neither man knew which selfies would be chosen.

Smirnoff targeted Millennials by involving selfies into the campaign and topping it off with another young adult favorite -- cocktails. Through the campaign, the company received 2.8 million impressions, had a reach of 451,000, received 239,500 video views and had 46,000 direct interactions -- sounds like an incredibly successful and viral campaign.