The 'PLOOI' Folding Electric Bike is Ready to Go at the Push of a Button

There are a variety of folding electric bikes on the market, but few can match the simplicity of the 'PLOOI.' Designed with a single button aesthetic, the 'PLOOI' features a folding design that can go from full-frame to folded at the press of a button.

The 'PLOOI' features a 200-watt electric motor that works in combination with a battery to provide up to 12-miles of range. This makes it ideal for consumers in urban locations who are looking for a flexible solution to traveling their multi-mile commute everyday.

The 'PLOOI' folding electric bike features Bluetooth connectivity to track everything from distance traveled, to how much range is left. The 'PLOOI' is the work of the Boonen Design Studio.