This House Made of Paperboard Looks Like It is Made from Wood

 - May 15, 2016
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The eco-friendly Wikkelhouse, a paperboard house created by Dutch design studio Fiction Factory, is a unique 'pod-like' structure that is made up of the material paperboard, which is just slightly thicker than paper.

The structure is made by layers and layers of paperboard wrapped around each other and then linked together to make the house. The paperboard house, made from Scandinavian trees, is held together with environmentally friendly glue which also insures adequate insulation. The house is then sealed with a "waterproof aluminum outer shell."

The houses are complete with a small deck and can either have a glass wall or be surrounded by the paperboard and aluminum on all sides. Its modern-meets-rustic visuals give it a cozy appearance that also allow for the owner to be part of the surrounding environment instead of shut off from it.