The Newest Levi's Jeans are Made Out of Old Cotton T-Shirts

 - May 13, 2016
References: levistrauss & fastcoexist
Levi's recently teamed up with a Seattle-based startup called Evrnu to turn five old cotton t-shirts into a brand new pair of jeans. While it is common practice for companies to downcycle old materials by turning them into something of lesser value, Levi's is proving that it is actually possible to make high-quality garments out of worn-out materials.

The new Levi's jeans are the first pair that is made from 100 percent recycled cotton. The company was able to achieve this feat by using Evrnu's technique of dissolving the fabric and then re-spinning the thread to make it extra-strong. Evrnu's process is superior to other recycling techniques because it does not involve breaking down synthetic materials or shredding the recycled fabric.

While Levi's is still tweaking the recycled jeans to make them look and feel like traditional denim, its efforts demonstrate one way of making the fashion industry significantly more sustainable.