- Aug 16, 2017
These consumption-reducing innovations range from anti-shopping community events to hyper-minimalist e-retailers that offer a product range solely consisting of black clothing and accessories. While Hubbub's #BrightFriday campaign encourages consumers to take a break from spending on a day that is normally reserved for deal-finding rituals, subscription service LOT delivers a wardrobe of basics directly to one's door. LOT's all-black products range from the perfect cotton t-shirt to plain hat, or sneaker accessories that are designed with function and versatility in mind.

Other consumption-reducing innovations include De Blangy's transformative nail polish, which alters its color scheme depending on room temperature. This color-changing effect makes the product a favorite among adventurous beauty fans, seeking variety without having to invest in multiple products. Additionally, Odacite's custom skincare is designed to combat consumers' specific concerns and can be personalized via the brand's virtual lab before purchase.

From Anti-Shopping Events to Essential Clothing Subscriptions: