Close to Bone Built a 12-Tonne Floating Staircase in Steel

 - May 4, 2016
References: linkedin & dezeen
Civil engineering studio Close to Bone has designed a floating staircase in Flanders that seems to completely ignore the physics of gravity. With its abrupt orange color juxtaposing the sprawling green landscape, this monumental piece of architecture stands out extraordinarily.

The 12-tonne steel landmark works as an observatory tower that overlooks the Kabouterbos forest and farmland. Close to Bone built the floating staircase to replace the previous landmark in the same place, the four-meter Vlooyberg Towerone, which had been burnt down illegally.

Using entirely metal materials, the engineers have taken precautions to ensure no fire will damage or take down their replacement. At 11.5 meters tall, the floating staircase looks like it might topple over like a teeter-totter and its compelling look is popular amongst locals and visitors to the area.