Plum Lightpad Lets Users Digitally Control the Lighting in Their Home

 - May 27, 2016
References: plumlife & blessthisstuff
The Plum Lightpad is a programmable lighting platform designed for consumers seeking to manage their home digitally through IoT. The service provides a light pad design that is compatible with an accompanying app. The pad is able to accept commands that are digitally relayed, allowing consumers to set the lighting in their home remotely -- whether in or outside the space.

The Plum Lightpad device creates a systemized way for home owners to control all the lights in their house through one convenient platform. The home is first fitted with the Plum Lightpad switches that then connect through the home's WiFi to a joining app. The app can be downloaded on home owners' smartphones and used to turn off, on or dim lights in each room.