From Cartoon Dumplings to Movie Inspired Airplanes

 - Aug 4, 2016
Disney business inspirations can be seen across many industries and services. Consumer brand awareness and connection to Disney is strong, long-lasting, and international. It's no wonder companies rely on the brand's identity to increase its own profit and recognition.

In Hong Kong, patrons visiting the Crystal Lotus restaurant can order dim-sum that looks like Disney characters, making the culinary experience tasty and fun. Brazilian airline TAM combined both Disney related products and services to create a novel experience for consumers called 'The Plane of Dreams.' Passengers are served by flight attendants donned in Disney-inspired uniforms and can dine on Mickey Mouse shaped meals and desserts.

Both examples are Disney business inspirations that are in collaboration with the Walt Disney company brand, but there are many standalone business that have created services and products using the childhood cartoon brand as a platform to increase revenue.