These Still Life Compositions Redefine Cleaning Sponges

 - Jun 1, 2016
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Argentinian art director Pablo Alfieri is known to have a talent for reinterpreting everyday objects in the form of colorful still life compositions.

This reigns true for his 'Softness' series, which plays with the expectations of what cleaning products can be by taking advantage of their color and shape. The still life compositions consist of sponges and other cleaning accessories stacked on top of one another, with each texture contrasted against another. Different pictures carry opposing color themes, with bright bubblegum pinks and blues exaggerated in one and earthy browns and oranges making up another. Other images show single products at their center, with a purple dusting cloth ahead of a turquoise background being one example, whose composition makes it look like a sort of monster. Past work of Pablo Alfieri includes the 'Insert Coin' collection -- which combines everyday objects to create sexual innuendos.

By focusing on a specific type of project and finding an aspect that makes it unique, Pablo Alfieri proves that he can turn something as arbitrary as a cleaning sponge into art.