Yorgo Alexopoulos Uses Digital Art to Represent the Natural World

 - May 18, 2016
References: nyartbeat & fastcodesign
By creating digital landscapes, Yorgo Alexopolous represents the natural world in his artwork through what is in some ways its antitheses -- technology.

His vivid mixed-media art is on exhibit in New York and entitled 'Act of Nature,' which displays various landscapes in unusual ways. Inspired by mythology and scripture as well as process itself, the end result is nature-themed artwork presented via a digital medium that makes the viewer think about impact, culture, the environment and the process by which these pieces of art take form.

The intersection of the natural world with digital forums and the representation of various landscapes within Alexopolous's art work creates a unique and mystical exhibition experience. His unique processes and use of multimedia not only creates beautiful visuals, but could attract younger generations in a way that street art did before it.