From Representing Endangered Species to Painting with the Environment

 - Aug 26, 2016
Street murals are created by artists who are categorized as both professional or beginner. Whether it is to decorate an outdoor space, make a political statement or raise awareness about an issue, the art can be channeled towards many positive causes and beliefs.

The 'Audubon Mural Project' reveals eye-catching paintings of endangered animals that are in that position due to the negative effects of climate change. This specific art project focuses on endangered birds and aims to create pieces to represent 314 bird species that are currently endangered.

Sean Yoro's street art is as poignant as it is unique. Rather than make a political or social statement, the artist instead makes one on design by creating murals that interact with their environment in some way. The artist does this by painting women on walls, ships and other objects that are submerged in water.