Mathieu Tremblin Paints Over Tags and Translates Them into Type

 - Jul 31, 2016
References: wired
Mathieu Tremblin is a French street artist who can best be described as an anti-graffiti graffiti artist. Throughout the past decade, he has painted over graffiti in the French cities of Nantes and Reims and replaced the original tags with typographically accurate matching words and symbols.

Mathieu Tremblin's project is called 'Tag Clouds,' and the results range from silly to fascinating. No matter the tag, Tremblin does his best to match the original color as closely as possible. Then, after painstakingly decoding the words and phrases, he creates a sort of collage in which all the tags fit, overlapping and orienting themselves as closely to the original surface as possible (while staying within the confines of proper typography.) For words, the results tend to be relatively indecipherable, but for images like faces, Mathieu Tremblin uses old-fashioned unicode smileys and frowney faces, morphing fascinating art into parodies.