From Disney Collaborations to Ultra Luxe Subculture Series

 - Jul 12, 2016
Streetwear style varies throughout time and place, however it seems as though it's always been a clothing genre that hones in on capturing a certain sense of nonchalance that's displayed by its wearer. The roots of the genre are based in skater culture, Japanese influences and hip-hop apparel, however its boundaries are less clear than they perhaps once were.

This comes from the freedom that's granted by the garments which are manufactured using different varieties of urban subculture for inspiration. Despite its original veer from the mainstream, streetwear styles are found everywhere. This includes the Givenchy 2017 Spring Collection that draws from 1990s rave culture, the BAPE Disney collaboration that saw an urbanized camouflage-wearing Mickey Mouse and lines created by celebrities from A$AP Rocky to former One Direction member Zayn Malik. With these examples, it becomes clear that streetwear style is becoming increasingly elusive to define.