The Latest Amapô Collection Highlights Halloween Fashion Accents

 - Oct 28, 2015
The Amapô Fall/Winter 2016 collection was unveiled at São Paulo Fashion Week earlier this month and is an homage to the history of Halloween fashion. Cobwebs, skulls and fake blood may be synonymous with October 31st but are also highlighted in this memorable runway presentation.

While the collection's transparent knits are netted to resemble cobweb decorations, its white shirts and black coats are covered in a fake blood splatter print, an eccentric but eye-catching choice.

Furthermore, this runway presentation also highlights skull-printed jeans and sculptural shoulder accents that adorn its more conceptual pieces. Elevating its Halloween fashion inspiration, Amapô celebrates the spooky season with costume-themed styles that are blended with subtle biker and glam rock touches -- synonymous with the psychedelic 70s.