Staple Pigeon's Collection Emphasizes Urban Street Style

Staple Pigeon's Fall 2015 collection is a homage to retro styles of the 90s. Specifically inspired by 90s sneaker culture, sports and the military, Staple Pigeon uses creative graphics and patterns to execute this look.

Many of the pieces in the collection are shown off in a rather unique way -- breakdance poses. The incorporation of breakdancing ties in nicely with the brand's 90s theme, but also displays the functionality and durability of this collection. Sweatsuits, sweatpants and jackets also convey the sporty theme, while maintaining fitted silhouettes.

The lookbook consists of pieces with eye-catching details and graphics that attempt to include color and playfulness into everyday street wear. Comfort is also not compromised with the use of heavyweight fleece on its graphic printed hoodies to prepare for upcoming chilly autumn nights.