From Festive Anniversary Beers to Milestone Skincare Collections

 - Oct 8, 2015
These branded milestones range from limited edition product releases to ad campaigns that celebrate new brand mergers. While examples like the newly released Reynolds American logo reflect the tobacco brand's evolution and partnerships, the My M&Ms service marks the confectioner's foray into customized treats. The personalized candies celebrate milestones like birthdays, graduations and sentimental holidays.

Other standouts include Coca Cola's limited edition notebooks that celebrate 100 years of the soda brand along with La Mer's rose gold jars that commemorate 50 years of the luxury cosmetics company.

In addition to celebratory packaging and immersive ads, other branded milestones include festive birthday coffees -- Starbucks released a limited edition frappuccino flavor that marked the 20th anniversary of the popular beverage. Furthermore, examples like commemorative social media campaigns, like Jack Daniels' Instagram selfie contest, honored the whisky brand's founder while appealing to millennial audiences.