The Cadillac Canada Find 151 Campaign Celebrates the Past and Future

 - Jun 22, 2017
References: dare-greatly
The Cadillac Canada Find 151 campaign takes consumers on a historic journey through Canadian innovation with 150 case studies without losing sight of what could possibly come next.

The innovative campaign is one that champions the spirit of excellence associated with Cadillac and aligning it with the spirit of innovation championed throughout the country's history, nodding the luxury car brand's 'Dare Greatly' tagline with its take on the 150 most daring moments. It also features a dedicated campaign website and an interactive timeline mapping 150 of the country's greatest moments, while looking for patterns that could point to the next, or "number 151."

The Cadillac Canada Find 151 campaign highlights pivotal moments in Canadian history, such as Number 3: the building of the first incandescent lightbulb by Henry Woodward and Matthew Evans, who later sold their patent to Thomas Edison.

In order to help bring 151 to life, Cadillac Canada is offering mentorship and $25,000 to an innovative Canadian project that is pushing the boundaries in its field.