Demi-Denims by Ksenia Schnaider Introduce a New Denim Combo

Demi-Denims are Ksenia Schnaider's latest denim combo creation, presented as a part of the brand's Fall/Winter 2016-17 collection during Paris Fashion week.

Demi-Denims have instantly become an Instagram sensation -- they've been embraced by streetwear stars and pictures of the pants have been reposted and commented on hundreds of times.

Each pair of jeans are handcrafted and made from a high-quality vintage cotton. The cut combines a skirt, shorts and trousers in one item. This unique denim combo originally had no name, first Vogue editor Liana Satenstein called them "short-pants" and one month later Ksenia Schnaider's Instagram followers started to call them demi-denims, which is going to be forever connected with this edgy cut. Demi-denims have all chances to become jeans of the season and conquer the world with unique cut and raw stitches.