Hoxxoh's Colorful Art Mural Uses Entrancing Geometric Shapes

 - Aug 15, 2016
References: elhoxxoh & fubiz.net
Douglas Hoekzema, a street artist based in Miami, Flordia, who's known by the name 'Hoxxoh,' took to the city's walls to create a series of colorful art murals that are hypnotizing to look at.

He intricately twists shapes to create something entirely original with each colorful art mural -- layering different shades to make the pieces look like a portal to a new dimension. Each varies in color and to the degree at which this is done, as Hoxxoh adapts the amount of space left in between the rings to generate different effects.

While some stay true to more uniform palettes, others make use of color from all over the spectrum, with the latter transporting its viewer back into the hippie era instantly.