Refinery 29 Used Google Spreadsheets to Create Street Art

 - Jul 21, 2016
References: mallory-heyer.squarespace & thenextweb
Spreadsheets might seem to be the epitome of science conquering art, as the programs are specifically designed to eschew aesthetics in favor of processing power, but the spreadsheet graffiti created by artists Marina Esmeraldo and Mallory Heyer shows that even the driest software can be used to creative ends. In collaboration with Refinery 29 and Google, the pair used a humogous Google Spreadsheet to craft spreadsheet street art.

Google Spreadsheets, while mostly focused on functionality, allows cells to be filled with any color on the color wheel. Further, the spreadsheets can be infinitely extended both vertically and horizontally. Seizing on those opportunities, the artists made a tremendously large sheet and then proceeded to color in each square so that, when taken in from a distant enough perspective, they created a rich spreadsheet graffiti tapestry.