From Rapper-Modeled Menswear to Skater-Designed Sneakers

 - Aug 28, 2016
These August 2016 menswear trends range from rapper-modeled menswear to skater-designed sneakers that are an homage to nostalgic pop culture imagery. Rather than enlisting traditional models, more and more labels are collaborating with underground musicians and social media influencers that are known for their distinct sense of style. Rapper OG Maco is one of these stars and is featured in OPEN NINE FIVE's latest editorial that spotlights the Los Angeles label's newest menswear range.

Other notable August 2016 menswear trends include more functional examples like hygienic and anti-bacterial briefs along with sweat-resistant socks that are ideal for active males who are always on the go.

Additionally, examples like zodiac-inspired men's fashion lookbooks appeal to niche subcultures like consumers obsessed with astrology who wish to express their interests through their wardrobe.