The Sapling Aluminum Wallet Provides a Slender Hardshell to Prevent Theft

 - Jul 27, 2016
References: shop.coolmaterial & coolmaterial
To slim down the appearance of a traditional billfold, the Crosshatch Aluminum Wallets provide a slender hardshell exterior and a durable elastic band to keep cards and money in place as well as to prevent thefts. The wallet's ultra thin design ensures cards and bills are kept securely in place so that they can't aimlessly fall out, therefore reducing the risk for stolen property.

The wallets feature a dapper aircraft grade aluminum exterior that is elevated with a sleek crosshatching patterned engraved into the metal. Cards and cash then clip onto the billfold with a thick elastic band that further compresses the necessities into place. The band holds the items securely so that they remain tightly in place until needed.

The slender design is ideal for consumers looking for a wallet that is compact enough to fit into their pocket.