The AXE 'Find Your Magic' Mentorship Program is Empowering

 - Jul 19, 2016
References: instagram & axe
The AXE 'Find Your Magic' campaign is bringing a mentorship program to Canada in an effort to encourage men to embrace their individuality. AXE's chosen mentor in Toronto is Shane Vitaly Foran; a fashion designer who founded men's fashion line 'Vitaly Design' from the ground up.

Foran left the corporate world and built his company from the remaining $3000 on his student credit line. Using his expertise and know-how, the Vitaly designer will be paired up with illustrator Ben Johnston to mentor him on business development and garment design while they both collaborate on a new capsule collection for 'Clocks and Colours,' one of Foran's lines.

AXE's effort to translate its marketing campaign into a mentorship program is a great way to show consumers that the company follows through with the ideas it presents through its "Find You Magic" ads.