SKYN Condoms and Sid Lee Used Condom Material to Develop a Jumpsuit

 - Jul 23, 2016
References: skyn
SKYN Condoms and Sid Lee Amsterdam partnered up to create 'SKYNFEEL,' a revolutionary condom material. The new material is not only an alternative to latex condoms, it's also been introduced into athletic wear.

Born out of SKYN's curiosity and aided by conceptual fashion designer Pauline Van Dongen, the 'SKYNFEEL APPAREL' long-jump suit was developed. According to Sid Lee Amsterdam, "the suit minimizes body limitation and adds extra airtime to the athlete's jump." Tested by the campaign's subject, the white suit appears to be flexible and fashionable. The suit demonstrates the comfort, flexibility and durability of SKYN condoms.

SKYNFEEL APPAREL truly is a reflection of innovation and creativity. By looking at alternative industries and thinking unconventionally, SKYN Condoms and Sid Lee Amsterdam were able to create a product that could change both the sportswear and condom industries.