This Collection of Quirky Sports Paintings Includes Coach Caricatures

 - Nov 6, 2015
References: & juxtapoz
When one thinks of sports paintings, images of athletic portraits or iconic moments may come to mind. The curating team of Jenna Gibson and Jeff McMillan, however, wanted to create an art collection centered on sports, but did not include athletic performance. Instead, the collection they made named 'Pigskin' is a view of sports from a pop-cultural perspective.

In honor of the 32 NFL teams, 32 artists were selected to create unique sports paintings. Each of the artists comes from a range of backgrounds including fine art, illustration, animation and street art. The experimental project resulted in representations of sports that are controversial, obscure and even risque. Some of the works include a football player surrounded by cats, caricature of coaches and bored cheerleaders.