Charis Tsevis Designed Mosaic Murals for the USA House in Rio

 - Aug 12, 2016
References: designboom & tsevis
Charis Tsevis designed mosaic murals for the USA House at the Rio Summer Olympics. Tsevis was commissioned by the US Olympic Committee to complete the project.

Charis Tsevis designed three mosaic murals for the USOC and US sponsor Citibank. The mosaic murals were to decorate the roof gardens of the building that is housing Team USA during the Rio Olympic Games. Tsevis blended the style of Rio public art, while honoring the Olympians staying there. Tsevis chose to make the murals out of mosaics since there is a tradition for ceramic art for Portuguese and Brazilian street art.

The outside mosaic mural shows eight athletes from the Olympic and Paralympic US Teams. The two inside murals show eight athletes in action, such as gymnast Gabby Douglas leaping.Photo Credits: tsevis, designboom