This Two-Player Pinball Game Puts a Creative Twist on Tabletop Football

 - May 5, 2016
References: myminifactory
3D designer and web developer Simone Fontana created a tabletop football set that users can make at home using a 3D printer. While it may seem as though virtual games dominate the world of at-home entertainment, tactile game play is gradually making a comeback due to the accessibility of 3D printing. This tutorial helps users create a two-player pinball machine that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

The DIY pinball machine created by Fontana is a cross between tabletop football and arcade-style pinball, whereby one player acts as the shooter and the other acts as the goalie. All of the pieces can be created at home simply by downloading the zip file on Fontana's MyMiniFactory profile. The file includes all the instructions for creating the table, the goal net and the soccer ball. Once printed, two players can square off against one another in a miniature football match.

Fontana's pinball machine gives consumers a new reason to enjoy tabletop games by turning the game itself into a DIY project.