The 'Sternglas Alpha' Digital Binoculars Pack the Power of a Telescope

 - Apr 27, 2016
References: & yankodesign
Packed with augmented reality technology and the capabilities of a telescope, the 'Sternglas Alpha' digital binoculars are intended to be a powerful start-gazing tool.

Designed by Nicolas Ortiz, the 'Sternglas Alpha' binoculars allow users to explore the night sky using AR to see constellation and planet names without having to view the scene through a screen.

The 'Sternglas Alpha' binoculars work by allowing users to see the night sky without interruption. When the AR functionality is enabled, the 'Sternglas Alpha' digital binoculars transform the scene into an educational experience with users able to zoom in on favorite stars or planets.

As digital integration in everyday life continues, we'll likely see more products like the 'Sternglas Alpha' binoculars come to light to enhance traditionally analog activities.