The 'Estimake' Platform Helps Users Organize DIY Projects

 - May 10, 2016
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'Estimake' is a new project management tool that helps consumers organize DIY projects online. With the rise of maker culture, many consumers are opting for DIY tutorials as an inexpensive way to spruce up their home. This platform helps consumers organize ongoing DIY projects and find inspiration for new ideas.

Estimake is an online platform with an interface similar to that of Pinterest. Users can browse through different DIY projects and see an estimate of the total cost of materials needed. Not only does the site list the materials needed, but it also has a tool for searching and buying these materials online. Users can then keep track of ongoing DIY projects on their own personal page or they can continue browsing for more inspiration. There is also a social networking component that allows users to swap tips or share stories on a community forum.

Estimake ultimately helps consumers find materials, estimate project costs and organize DIY ideas all on one convenient platform.