Subaru is Partnering with IBM Watson to Improve the EyeSight Driver Assist

 - Apr 28, 2016
References: media.subaru-global & gizmag
The lines between vehicles and technology are becoming further blurred everyday and the latest news of Subaru partnering with IBM Watson on the EyeSight driver assist technology is the latest update.

The news comes as the Subaru brand aims to end car accidents and make the driving experience both smarter and more efficient. IBM Japan and Subaru connected to see where the technologies could be merged, and the implementation of supercomputer connectivity could come sooner than later.

The consumer lifestyle is shifting more towards technology than ever with users welcoming technologies into their home, their car and elsewhere with ease and confidence. It's likely that the implementation of connectivity to IBM Watson in the EyeSight driver assist technology will be welcomed to help decrease the instance of vehicular fatalities.