From Practical Subcompact Cars to Urban-Only Electric Vehicles

 - Jul 1, 2016
From compact vehicles that can navigate narrow city streets to electric vehicles that cut down on urban pollution, the June 2016 auto trends demonstrate the ongoing demand for commuter-friendly cars.

Instead of oversized trucks and SUVs, it appears as though consumers are content with smaller vehicles that are built for city-living. One example of such vehicles is the Smart ForTwo Cabriolet, which combines the style and sophistication of a convertible with the functionality of a Smart car. Another example is the Nissan Kicks, which is a small-size SUV that it likely to appeal to millennial car buyers.

In addition to size, the June 2016 auto trends also demonstrate a continued demand for cleaner vehicles. Whether it is cars that run entirely on electricity or hybrids that use a mixture of different fuels, it is clear that lower emissions a priority for buyers. Some examples of these kinds of eco-friendly autos include multi-fuel city cars, urban-only electric vehicles and turbine-powered trucks.