The BMW X1 xDrive 25i

 - Apr 29, 2016
References: bmw & gizmag
The BMW X1 xDrive 25i is a gorgeous new family SUV that is equipped with a whole range of dynamic technologies and sporty design cues that make it stand out in the often boring field of family vehicles.

This particular vehicle makes use of high-quality materials that both enrich the driver and passenger experience as well as the safety and reliability of the vehicle itself. It is also packed with futuristic features, one of the most noteworthy being a full-color heads-up display that allows the driver to access key information in their field of vision so they don't have to turn their head to keep tabs on their speed or access navigation instructions.

Ultimately, arguably the greatest achievement of the BMW X1 xDrive 25i is the fact that it has finally proven that a family SUV does not need to be a boring vehicle with little more than good safety features and reliability, but can actually be an incredibly sporty, fun vehicle that's more than worthy of being shown off to all and sundry.