The iXoost 'XiLO Scuderia' Subwoofer Sound System is Fierce

 - Apr 28, 2016
References: & homecrux
Created using the steel exhaust of a race car, the iXoost 'XiLO Scuderia' subwoofer sound system is designed to provide exceptional bass and depth to your favorite music.

Music systems crafted out of exhaust pipes and other vehicle components aren't new, but the iXoost 'XiLO Scuderia' looks to help enhance experiences by utilizing the aesthetic of the exhaust in a different way. Rather than simply playing music through the components, the iXoost 'XiLO Scuderia' system utilizes the contoured curves and angles of the exhaust system to its advantage.

The iXoost 'XiLO Scuderia' subwoofer sound system features fiberglass accoutrements and is priced at around $6,702 which makes it only for car enthusiasts with a lot of extra cash.