The Lexus IS Sedan Blends Luxury, Performance and Affordability

The brand new Lexus IS sedan is a truly exceptionally luxury automobile that brings together high luxury, exceptional speed and performance, safety and of course the style quotient that the brand has come to be renowned for across the world.

Unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show in China, the brand new Lexus IS sedan is designed to operate as an entry-level vehicle within the Lexus range. It keeps a lot of the style elements of the previous Lexus IS because of the vehicle's popularity.

The new Lexus IS sedan is equipped with new headlamps and upgraded grille and air intakes. The refreshed vehicle comes with 17-inch 10-spoke wheels that feature new designs and eyecatching, new machined finishes.

Ultimately, this Lexus IS sedan will appeal to upwardly mobile Chinese demographics looking for a luxury vehicle that isn't exorbitantly expensive.