- Apr 24, 2017
Though a larger and larger portion of modern life is led in the digital arena, there's still something convenient and practical about physical notes, and the digital note-taking devices and systems in this list do their best to combine traditional notes with the peccadilloes of the online world.

Typing is undeniably faster and clearer than handwriting when it comes to words alone, but the freedom of a pen on a page lets writers organize their thoughts in whatever way they please. Products like Montblanc's Augmented Paper Set try to merge the two as best as possible, offering an analog writing system that can be converted into searchable digital files.

Even the lowly sticky note has taken on digital life, with Microsoft Research's E-Paper and the SeeNote ePaper giving users a more malleable version of the simple, stick-on note-taking system.

From Portable Digital Pens to Augmented Writing Kits: