The Formid Seat is the First Designed to Spec, Full-Motion Seat

 - Aug 27, 2018
References: p-dao & kickstarter
Canadian-made from paper, the Formid Seat is an innovative solution to the physical inactivity of typical office culture. By now, most of us are aware of the negative effects that sitting for prolonged periods can have on our health, however, for some of us taking five minutes every half hour to walk around is just not feasible. In response, Danielson Architecture Office Inc. designed this chair to help alleviate some of these issues by focusing on the largest joint in the human body: the hips.

The curved base and triangular seat allow one's hips to move, increasing blood flow, triggering stabilizing muscles to fire and promoting better spine alignment. The creators claim that by replacing one's current chair with their design, users will decrease their risk of cardiovascular disease and developing Type 2 diabetes, as well as lower the likelihood of becoming obese.

Not convinced the structure alone will boost your office mobility? The Formid Seat comes with digital tools built-in that can be synced with your smartphone to help you track your sitting patterns, as well as cause the seat to physically nudge you as a reminder to get moving. And as an added bonus, production of this chair is looking towards zero waste development. The seat is custom-designed to your measurements and will retail for $750 CAD plus shipping.