From DIY Rowboat Kits to Hackable Urbanite Furniture

 - Sep 30, 2018
The September 2018 art & design trends push creative boundaries by incorporating artistic elements into one's daily life. Ranging from the ultra-creative to the ultra-functional, this month's concepts boast intricate design details and evoke a simplistic aesthetic quality.

Aalo furniture exemplifies these concepts as Sejun Park designs a series of furniture pieces that can be simply assembled to fit any space with expansive versatility. The brand's DIY sensibility is inspired by the designer's goal in extending furniture's lifetime value. This gives it an ample amount of function to counteract our current consumer culture which often centers around inexpensive and disposable items.

Another example of this month's art & design concepts is the Stitchbird Rowboat kit that comes with all the essential components needed to make up a vessel. This process doesn't require any special tools or skillsets, making it easy for beginners to simply construct a boat.