Le Lou Ula's Offerings Have a Potent Sculptural Direction

 - Aug 24, 2018
References: lelouula
Creatives are taking the interdisciplinary route to design and within the accessory industry that translates to wonderfully unique artistic jewelry designs. As the sculptural influence on adornments has always been a driving force for the production of beautiful and interesting pieces, designers like Bramble Lee Pryde find their own voice in the midst of a very robust competition.

Le Lou Ula is a business that specializes in artistic jewelry and embraces minimalism with quirky detailing. Headed by multidisciplinary artist Pryde, the offered wearable artworks embody the perfect combination of fashion-forward aesthetic and delicate silhouettes.

Le Lou Ula's exquisite artistic jewelry is the handcrafted culmination of "decades spent exploring sculpture in many mediums." The latest collection 'Oblique' is an experimental venture into surrealism.

Photo Credits: Essentia Images