Chinatown Market Releases a Collection of Fun-Poking Graphic Tees

Contemporary streetwear brand Chinatown Market releases a series of humorously punny art school t-shirts that reference globally recognized brands and famous educational institutions. While the graphic tees entertain a minimalist and clever aesthetic, the editorial, in which they are presented, sets the designs into context.

Each photograph carries a piece of information about the model and the affiliation to the referenced school. The fictitious input adds a satirical nuance to the presentation of the art school t-shirts. While Josh is an undeclared senior at the California Institute of the Arts, Thomas actually doesn't go to Pratt and "acts like a photographer" in Brooklyn.

Chinatown Market also references some well-known street brands in its designs, cleverly tweaking their names — from COMME des PARSONS to a Champion-styled Cooper.

Photo Credits: Thomas Welch