- Dec 16, 2018
Anime is quickly emerging as a mainstream form of art and these anime-inspired gifts showcase how anime designs and culture are starting to blend into fashion designs and even furniture.

Inspired by the iconic anime series 'Ghost in the Shell,' this Ground Y collection pays homage to the futuristic designs featured in the show. Showcasing the dark and dramatic tones of 'Ghost in the Shell,' the collection also comes with minimalist prints of iconic characters. The pieces all feature relaxed silhouettes and oversized fits.

Also showcased on this list is an indie game known as 'The Con Simulator.' While anime-inspired games are nothing entirely new, 'The Con Simulator' separates itself with a meta outlook on the fandom. Instead of playing as one of your favorite characters, this title tasks players with running the perfect anime convention. The gameplay offers management mechanics and is paired with rewarding and frantic environments.

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