Davidson Rafailidis Creates a Raw and Edgy Interior

From storage spaces to small artisan workshops, the multifunctional garage is certainly to be valued in the context of the urban city. US architecture studio Davidson Rafailidis fully internalizes this concept when converting an outbuilding in the residential area in Buffalo, New York. The project was entrusted to Stephanie Davidson and Georg Rafailidis by a couple who wanted to give a new layer of meaning of what a multifunctional garage can entail. The local studio embarks on an epic project to turn a 1920s structure into a functional and aesthetically pleasing space that doubles as a living and working environment.

While adopting an open concept layout, the most striking feature of the renovated multifunctional garage is its appearance. From the uneven concrete flooring to the Corten steel-accentuated windows, each feature is embraced by Davidson Rafailidis to instill a sense of uniqueness in design.

Photo Credits: Florian Holzherr