Whiskas' 'Cat Calm Radio' is a Species-Specific Online Station

 - Aug 22, 2018
References: whiskas & catcalmradio
August 22nd is recognized as 'Take Your Cat to the Vet Day' and WHISKAS celebrates this with a cat radio that is specifically designed to keep feline companions calm during the trip to the annual check-up. Dubbed the 'Cat Calm Radio,' the station can be accessed online and the music, composed by David Teie, is made to be "effective" for the beloved pets. That is, the sounds and noises played on the WHISKAS' cat radio are tailored to satisfy the biological makeup of felines. For example, as humans respond to the beat in a composition due to their primal ties to a mother's pulse, Teie uses the sound of sucking for milk to mimic that same visceral fascination for cats.

WHISKAS' calming cat radio is done in collaboration with BBDO Toronto.