- May 21, 2019
These feline-friendly furniture examples range from intergalactic cat beds to chic, cat-friendly condos. A common challenge among pet lovers is keeping animals comfortable while investing in products that marry practicality and aesthetics.

These feline-friendly design products do just that with standouts like the Brando Design 'Cat60' bed and Sim-Plex Design Studio's cat-themed apartment space featured. While the Brando Design bed boasts a streamlined look, mirroring modern human furniture, Sim-Plex Design Studio's Hong Kong apartment is home to a young couple living, an elderly parent and two pets -- a cat and parrot. The cat-friendly condo incorporates functional shelving and cozy sleeping areas along with a separated, secure and spacious bird cage which prevents the two animals from getting into direct contact with one another.

The Hicat 'Catapilla' is another notable example and is a cat tree that is modular, easy to customize and most importantly aesthetically pleasing.

From Intergalactic Cat Beds to Chic Cat-Friendly Condos: