Studio RYTE's 'CATSSUP' is a Modular Cat Tree System for Urban Dwellers

 - Aug 9, 2018
References: prnewswire
To coincide with International Cat Day, Studio RYTE launched a Kickstarter campaign to introduce the world to its modular cat tree system, which specifically appeals to those who live in small urban spaces.

The design of the modular cat furniture system acknowledges that cats need vertical territorialization, but traditional designs are often far too bulky and space-consuming. Studio RYTE's solution sets itself apart as one that can create "virtual cat trees" to allow felines even more space to roam, without compromising a human's home environment.

The system for cats allows for cantilevered, non-intrusive extensions to be created with ease and without damaging existing walls or furniture pieces. The flexible and versatile CATSSUP system includes jumping and lounging platforms, as well as a scratching post and a toy ball on a string.