- Jan 12, 2019
From canine-friendly bike seats to flatpack pet beds, the 2018 pet trends reveal a major focus on animal travel. Indeed, instead of making pets more comfortable at home, consumers are increasingly looking for ways to simply bring their pet with them.

With the rise of pet-friendly offices, it makes sense that consumers would need new ways to bring their pet to and from work. As a result, there are new products like the BuddyRider, which allow cyclists to strap their pooch in for a ride. For those who commute by car, the ZuGoPet Rocketeer Pack Harness keeps small dogs in one spot much like a seatbelt.

The 2018 pet trends also reveal a rise in the number of travel-friendly pet accessories, like the folding Κέρβερος pet bed or the portable Spruce Dog Bed.

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From Canine-Friendly Bike Seats to Flatpack Pet Beds: