The 'Toletta' Tracks Your Feline Friend's Body Weight and Pee Patterns

 - Apr 18, 2018
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Anyone who owns a cat knows that litter boxes are quite possibly the most important piece of feline gear in the home, which is why Japanese company Hachitama has gone ahead and unveiled a high-tech range of litter boxes that expand their functionality by offering a variety of smart features.

The Toletta litter boxes help track your feline friend's health by measuring its weight every time it sets foot on the litter tray, and monitors its urination patterns. The equipment can be connected to a companion smartphone app that displays the relevant data in an easy-to-understand graph format, so that cat parents can quickly spot symptoms of unusual weight loss.

In addition to their useful functionality, the Toletta litter boxes are also being marketed in an ingenious way, with Hachitama recruiting product testers to use the products and then tweet about them.