- Dec 21, 2018
These gift ideas for cat lovers are intended to offer inspiration prior to the holidays, so that both owners and their pets can celebrate the gifting season appropriately.

On the pricier end of the spectrum is the Primo Pet Station Water Dispenser, which offers families a reliable dispenser for regular everyday use, while also ensuring pets have easy access to water when they need it. The dispenser achieves this with its integrated bowl design that can filled with fresh water with the press of a button. In addition to being more convenient, the dispenser is hygienic, with the water bowl made from a bacteria-combating stainless steel.

Another notable inclusion is the Boxscoop litter box that's specifically designed to be easy to clean. The Boxscoop has a unique circular shape that's unlike other litter boxes, which is what makes it so simple to remove waste from. As the litter box comes with a scoop that fits its design, it can be cleaned in just six seconds.

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